Car Rental General Conditions

Rental Terms and Conditions

Rental Terms and Conditions

Rental Terms and Conditions

Article 1: Use of the Vehicle

The rental is personal and is in no way transferable. The renter agrees not to allow the car to be driven by persons other than those approved by ARIB CARS. Authorized drivers act as agents of the lessee who becomes fully responsible for the vehicle as soon as it has been taken over.

The renter is forbidden to participate in any rally, race or any other competition of any kind whatsoever and to tests or preparations. It is also forbidden to circulate outside roadways and use unpaved tracks. Any damage caused as a result of this use will be billed to the customer who undertakes to pay them. The lessee undertakes not to use the vehicle for illegal purposes, to transport people for a fee and not to take him outside the Moroccan territory. He also undertakes not to attach any remark to the similar vehicle to make any modifications to the vehicle, to leave under no circumstances the traffic tickets in it and to use at each stop the closing and protection systems. .

Article 2: Rental, Deposit, Extension

The rental prices and the deposit are determined by the rates in force and are payable in advance. The deposit is mandatory, and can not be used for an extension without the prior agreement of the lessor. In order to avoid any dispute in the case where the tenant would like to keep the car for a time longer than that indicated on the contract, the tenant must after obtaining the agreement of the renter send the amount of the additional rental forty-eight hours before the expiry of the current lease under penalty of being exposed to legal proceedings for misappropriation and breach of trust. The rental day runs from 0:00 to 24:00 and any day started is due entirely.

Articles 3: Vehicle Condition

          a) The renter acknowledges having received the vehicle designated in the contract in perfect working order and cleanliness. He undertakes never to touch the odometer under pain of paying at least the amount corresponding to 500 kilometers per day rental. If the meter has not worked, the number of kilometers to be paid will be calculated by determining on a map the distance traveled during the trip. The vehicle must be returned in its original condition.

         b) The vehicle is equipped with five tires in good and unbroken condition. In the event of deterioration, cutting of one of the tires for a cause other than normal wear and tear (either brutal driving, speeding or other), the lessee undertakes to immediately replace it with a tire of the same brand and same dimension.

         c) Normal mechanical wear is the responsibility of the lessor. All repairs resulting from abnormal wear or negligence, or from an accidental cause will be the responsibility of the tenant and will be carried out without delay by the renter. Their amount will be increased by a capital allowance. If the vehicle is immobilized as a result of normal wear or an accidental cause, repairs may be performed (after the agreement of the renter) and will be subject to an invoice paid and detailed. Defective parts replaced must be presented with the invoice paid. Under no circumstances will the renter be able to claim any compensation, either as a result of a delay in the delivery of the vehicle or the cancellation of the rental or as a result of the repairs required by the wear and made during the rental. The renter agrees to return the vehicle with all its accessories, tools and equipment at the date and place specified in this contract.

Articles 4: Fuel / Lubricants

The fuel is the responsibility of the tenant. The latter must constantly check the oil and water level and carry out at the intervals indicated by the manufacturer the lubrication (level gearbox and point and draining the engine). It will justify this work by invoices stipulating the number of kilometers measured on the meter during the operation. If the car is delivered new, the renter undertakes to make the mandatory revisions by an official agent of the make of the vehicle. These expenses will be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts.

Article 5: Insurance

Subject to the execution of this contract, the tenant is guaranteed:

         1. Without limitation, against the pecuniary consequences of his liability as well as his spouse and his immediate ascendants, in the performance of their duties. In addition, the guarantee does not apply when the vehicle carries more passengers than it contains places indicated on the certificate of insurance.

         2. Against theft and fire of the vehicle after deduction of the deductible provided for in the tariff and excluding clothing and any transposed object. The guarantee does not apply in case of theft of the vehicle by a tenant's agent or by one of his representatives.

         3. Insurance of persons: the renter may take out an insurance for people transposed for him and the passengers of the vehicle for additional insurance (prices in effect on the brochures).
The tenant automatically subrogated to rent in his rights for the exercise of the recourse against the thirds for the material damages, the possible compensation obtained leaves first to the refund to the renter of the expenses remaining with his load, the balance returning to the tenant . The costs and fees incurred for the recovery of this indemnity are borne by the lessee and the lessor in proportion to the sums due to them is excluded from the guarantee of any accident occurring to objects or goods.
The above insurances are in force only the duration of the stipulated rental. If the lessee keeps the car beyond without having regularized his situation under the conditions set out in Article 2, he loses the benefit of all the guarantees provided for in the contract.
There is no insurance for any driver under the age of 21 who has a valid driver's license for at least one year. Finally, theft, fire and damage to the vehicle are forfeited (if the latter is acquired by written agreement and as specified above any driver who is drunk or under the influence of an alcoholic state and known as such in report of police or gendarmerie, the tenant undertakes to declare to the lessor within 48 hours and immediately to the police authority, any accident, theft or even partial fire on pain of being due to the benefit of the insurance. obligatorily the circumstances, the date, the time, the place, the amount of money, a statement of gendarmerie or bailiff outside the big cities, the names and addresses of the witnesses as well as the information on the adversary. must not discuss the responsibility, or treat or deal with third parties in relation to the accident.The tenant agrees to communicate to the renter any room received following an accident nt and all useful information.

Article 6: Papers of the car

The renter will give at the end of the rental and the return of the car, the registration and all the paperwork necessary for its circulation otherwise these parts are essential for new cars, the rental will continue to be billed at the initial price until to their delivery to the renter. In case of loss of these papers, the tenant will have to pay the amount of the duplicate costs.

Article 7: Liability

The tenant remains solely responsible for the fine tickets tickets and customs proceedings established against him. As a result, he undertakes to reimburse the lessor any expenses of this nature possibly paid for in his places and places.

Article 8: Repatriation of the vehicle

The tenant is formally forbidden to abandon the vehicle. In case of impossibility it must notify the renter who repatriated by his care at the expense of the tenant.

Article 9: Jurisdiction

In case of dispute concerning the execution of the present contract, jurisdiction is conferred on the court of Marrakech. The stamp and registration fees remain the responsibility of the tenant.